Hi I am Dinky

This is the second time I have ever tried to keep a blog. The first was an experiment in being a food critic. I am not sure people will enjoy what I have to say but there might be a tidbit of information that someone will find useful, informative or just make you smile.

I was diagnosed with being attention deficit at the age of 44. My writing will probably reflect that flaw. I personally do not count it as a flaw but as a great gift from God.. He never lets me get bored in life. My life is the same chaos. I have many unfinished projects and boxes of items and many books to tell me how to do them. Analyze me all you like. Maybe I will learn from this project a little about myself. I do know that I am pretty fun to hang out with and am a Jill of many trades and master of none

The reason I have started this blog is so I can teach some people skills that I have learned along the way. I can also open myself up to learning from others about what I do not know. I have many interest and hope this is an outlet for me to talk about them. The subjects I will hit on are cooking, farming, homesteading, senior issues, antiques, sewing, art, singing, binge watching, religion, relationships and whatever else pops into my brain. This is my place to be myself with no interest to impress.

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