Our Pastor

COVID hit pretty hard.

We were all sitting in the welcome area at church a few weeks ago on a Wednesday night. The usual crowd was at the church enjoying coffee and snacks before the service. Pastor was sitting by the window laughing and smiling and soaking in the fellowship of all the church members coming through the door.

We attend a non-denominational church in the town that Chuck graduated from high school. Pastor was his classmate. A few years ago we decided to get baptized along with a young lady that had moved in with us. She was raised in a Muslim home. She asked to be baptized as a show of taking the Christian faith. chuck and I had been baptized before but wanted to be baptized with her as a show of family.

Pastor lovingly baptized all of us along with another young lady that wanted to have that same happiness. He is a tall man around the 60 year mark. His wife is always smiling. They were high school sweethearts. He was also a steer roper,

Later that week I saw on Facebook that pastor was ill and in the hospital. He died within the week.

We were heartbroken along with the rest of the congregation. I just feel lost.

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