Breakfast is one of our favorite meals of the day. There is an art to making sure everything is hot at the same time and the eggs have the right amount of goo to them. Chuck tells me that he knows when I am pissed at him because his food is either raw or burnt. All I can say is, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

My daughter hates me wearing this type of house shoe. she would really hate to me see wear two that do not match. I have another pair just like them. I am headed to the kitchen to do my wifely duty of cooking my man his breakfast.


I like to pre package my breakfast sausage so it cooks easily. I also like to have a larger sausage patty. I use a hamburger press to make these. I know they make these and sell at Wal Mart but mine have more flavor and less filler.

Prepackaged breakfast meat
From the freezer
Cook on medium heat
Cooked with a lid
Perfection in process

I cook my eggs on medium as well. I turn off the range top if Chuck is taking too long to get to the table. I cover with a lid.

Breakfast blend
Coffee rituals

Coffee is an intense process. We like very weak coffee. Chuck uses exactly twelve packets of Splenda. He can tell the difference if we are one packet off. He likes lots of Coffeemate. I like coffee with one packet of Swiss miss and either heavy cream or Coffeemate. I also like a splash of red raspberry syrup but we are out. I have to order some.

Grapes from Overstreet Farms

Nia (the girl that lives with us) helped me make this jelly last summer. We made it from our wild grapes here at Overstreet Farms.

Breakfast is served
sugar free
Alternative from colas

I like to keep a jug of sugar free lemonade iced down for everyone to enjoy. The slicker is broken so we have to use an ice puck to pull up the plunger That’s how to make do.Chuck saws I am a tightwad.

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