COVID again

I was scrolling thru my Facebook and came across a post from an acquaintance. She recently had a baby and was telling her story. She was having pains earlier than expected. She and her husband went in to the hospital. They gave her the pre-admittance COVID test. Within thirty minutes her water broke and she was well on her way to giving birth.

Her test came back positive. She had no idea and had not been experiencing any symptoms. They transferred her and her husband to a tiny isolation room. There she gave birth to lovely baby boy.

The pediatrician came to check on the baby. He told the parents that the baby Downes syndrome. When they tried to take blood from the baby his oxygen level had fallen. It was determined the baby has a heart condition. They transported the baby to the local Children’s hospital. The parents are not able to be with the child for at least 10 days due to the COVID diagnosis.

I remember giving birth to my children and how unexpected experiences change lives. Those are stories for other days. I say my prayers for this young family and their road ahead. Their son is beautiful and precious.

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