Colors on a Pinwheel

As a child one of my favorite things to buy at the five and dime was a pinwheel. We did not have much money growing up. She did her best to find treasures that would make us smile. This was a special item I was allowed to purchase.

I was a particular child. I liked things lined up and segregated. Now that I think back I am probably living in the spectrum. I am technical minded and it takes great effort for me to share any type of creative ability or for that matter to even find that within myself.

The thing I enjoy most about a pinwheel is that it has to have geometrical tolerances met in order to spin accurately. It has to have the wind in order to spin fast. The more wind the faster it spins. Above all else it is often bright and colorful . The colors blend the faster it spins.

I just wanted to share this random thought because recently the wind has been blowing very strong and my colors are blending.

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