God’s Plan

I am nobody special. I am just a person trying to make it through life with out cracking too hard. I was raised by a woman that made all of her children feel they were above others. She wanted us to have confidence and be strong. Many times we were not allowed to play with other children because they did not have proper backgrounds. It was not like they were much different than we were. We led a lonely life as children and young adults. That makes for a rough life in the adult world.

My first husband was a total introvert. He drove a truck so he did not have to work around people. I totally understood. We did not have visitors in our home. He bought guard dogs that attacked people when they came through the door. I had a friend over once and she was attacked and her new purse was broken. She was not hurt but she was shocked and so was I.

So needless to say I remarried. I am now with a social butterfly. Chuck managed the local grocery for years. We cannot go out to eat without someone pulling up a chair and having a meal with us. Everyone is Chuck’s pal. He buys flowers for the widows and toys for the babies. He knows what people’s greatest needs are and helps meet them.

This has had a very big impact on me as a person. At 50 plus I am learning how to enjoy people. I am learning how to enjoy living. I am also learning how not to be an elitist. When we all get shipped to the nursing homes we will all have pretty much the same beds and the same level of care.

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