Chaos for a Caretaker

It seems I have spent most of my life being a caretaker. I see posts of people who are burdened by this position in life. It is a great responsibility and I do not always do a good job at it. I was given this task by God on several occasions to take care of others. I remember the first time I was given this task. I was young and full of myself and my relationship with God. I was leading music at a local church and was also the Sunday school superintendent. It sounds like more responsibility than it actually was. We only had 30 members in our church. I was having prayer time in my car. I often chat it up with God on car rides. I asked him what great and wonderful task he had for me to accomplish in his name. I remember the words that rang through my head, “TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTHER”. Oh Lord, please not me. I am the only one if my family that was not a nurse, service worker, or pastor. I just did not see how my introverted personality would handle this. My mother was a very vocal domineering and in charge type of person. My ex often referred to me as a doormat kind of personality. My mother had just lost my step-father to Parkinson’s. Her life was in utter chaos. I will refrain from the comments about my other siblings. It would not be in anyone’s interest to mention their role. I just knew that this was my task to perform.

I will not say that I did everything right but I did the best I knew how. I was not a perfect nurse. My mother remarried and moved to a farm down the street from my house. She married a gentleman that developed Altermizers. She had breast cancer. After trying to live on their farm she finally committed herself to a nursing home along with my step-father. It was very hard but I held down a job, took care of a teenage son, had a new marriage and checked in on her and my step-father many times a week. I am not bragging, just stating how it was.

I now live at the farm and have the project of going through the house organizing. This is a house built in the 70s by my step-father. He built is from two houses he had moved here. You will see in this blog my work on restoration of the house and farm. It will probably take me to the end of my time on earth to organize the chaos. Come along for the ride.

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