Our Friend Bill

Chuck meets many people working at the grocery. He had one customer who truly stood out. This customer is a 80 something year old 6 foot 4 tall rancher. He would come asking Chuck for the store brand orange soda in the two liter bottle. Once Chuck realized how much the rancher was buying he made sure to keep plenty in stock. Chuck asked the rancher what he was doing with that much orange soda. The rancher, Bill is his name, told Chuck that his wife was ill and the only thing she would drink was orange soda. Bill was taking care of and nursing his wife and he was making sure she had everything she wanted.

Bill has had an interesting life. He told us that during the depression his father had lost the family farm leaving his sons with no future in ranching. Bill decided to become a rodeo cowboy. He worked the circuit and did pretty well. He fell in love with his wife and planned on getting married. When he told this to his brother his brother laughed at him and said there was no way Bill could haves family making Cowboy wages. He suggested Bill become an electrician. He could get trained for free.

Bill became an electrician. He ended up contracting to a company that needed electrical work in Afghanistan. Bill and his wife lived there for several years. He said his wife was uncomfortable with the oppressive lifestyle.

Life was good for Bill and his wife. He was very successful. He moved back to the states and bought a ranch. He also planted a large pecan orchard. Him and his wife also had a storage unit business.

Bill’s wife developed Altemizer’s. He had to put her in a facility. It was about 45 minutes away from his ranch. We realized it was near our home in town. We offered to drop in and visit her from time to time. She was a petite woman. She was pretty lost in life. It made Bill very happy to know we had stopped by.

Bill goes to the Methodist Church in our small town. I was a song leader at the Methodist church in our community. Chuck and I have since become members of a non denominational church in the town where Chuck went to high school. Our preacher, who currently passed away from COVID, was also a cowboy. The preachers father and mother were good friends with Bill and his wife.

Bill’s wife passed away and we realized he was spending much of his time alone. Chuck and I have become his dinner friends. We go eat Mexican food at a local place about twice a week. He has even come with us to watch our grand daughter play in the district volleyball games.

Recently Chuck had a stay in the hospital. Bill was the sweetest ever. He has been calling for his friend Chuck for many weeks. He has been a great friend and has said many prayers for Chuck’s health. Tonight we enjoyed our dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant together.

While I was working on organizing the office at the farm this morning I found an old book about John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist church. I had a little voice in my head (God) tell me to put that book in a gift bag and give it to Bill. Bill was pleased with the gesture. On his way out of the car I reminded him not to forget his book. He smiled and told me most people do not even know who John Wesley is. Bill also told me that his father)s name was John Wesley.

I feel that God uses each of his children to follow him. This not only helps us in our walk but helps other believers in their’s.

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