How Now Brown Cow, or Should I say Bull

Brown bull

I am so excited. I have been looking for the first project on the farm to share on my blog, This little guy is it. A bottle fed calf is called a Doodler. When my kids were little we would buy a few doodler Holsteins at the sale and my kids would bottle feed them. It taught responsibility. Since we are retired now we will find alternative forms of income. We were able to get this baby for a good price.

We have an old dog kennel that we used to keep chickens in. Then we used it for a rabbit pen. Now I will put down shavings, cover it with a tarp, put in a hot lamp and use it as a bottle feeding pen. I will get the babies established and then move them to a larger area.


We will be up early in the morning to get things started. Our new baby will be delivered at noon. We are stoked.

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