Preparing The Nursery

Before picture

As you see from the picture I was getting an early start on the day. I had to get this pen ready for my doodler (bottle calf). This pen has been used for all sorts of animals. My mother kept chickens in it. My daughter kept bunnies in it. Now I am getting ready to turn it into a nursery for doodlers.

A look inside

It looks pretty grim in there. I have my work cut out for me. I got Chuck to help me lift that dog house out. We had to lift it over the pen because it was too big to fit through the door. I moved the cages out and raked all the leaves and put them in a compost heap.

Trash Heap

I took the old tarp off the pen and used it to drag all my trash down to the dumpster. I probably could have used that for something but did not think about it at the time.

Mode of transportation

Now it’s time to go get some hay. I burnt up the electrical system of my utility truck. Note to self: do not jump start a small battery with a tractor diesel battery. Live and learn.

Found the Key

It took me a wile to find that key. I put it in a safe place last time I used it. I am using my zero turn lawn mower to haul my hay. Crazy I know. Sometimes you gotta do what it takes. I am saving for a truck.

The Hay Barn

Here is the last of the square bales. I like to have some so I don’t have to use the tractor.

Making do

This is how I move the square bales.

This is how I move feed barrels.

Feed barrel

Dang I broke a nail.

Hay for the calf

They hay is ready for the calf. I am not sure when they start eating hay.

The water bucket is set up too.

Water for the calf
Pine shavings

I spread a heavy layer of pine savings. This keeps the baby warm . It also makes clean up of poopage easier.

Looks like snow
view from the door
Heat lamp

I ran electricity out to a heat lamp in the pen to keep the baby warm.

Extension cord

I also put across the top of the pen for protection against the weather.

Maybe rethink
Hay for the big girls

Now it’s time to feed the big girls. I toppled over in this hole. That looks like another opportunity for a project.

Getting back up
Ready for hay
All the girls are here

Everybody is here for breakfast. This is the donkey. Here name is Parsley. She protects the herd from coyotes. She is very important.

Donkey’s name is Parsley
Wild horses

These two horses came from Fort Polk LA. We adopted them. They needed a home.

Next project

The water trough is uneven. The water is running over the sides. Gotta get that on the project list.

Angus cross

We got a text from the person delivering the brown cow. It is not taking a bottle well so they are bringing out this little one tomorrow. We are eagerly awaiting. Wonder what we should name him.

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