Our Baby Calf has been delivered

Today was a symbolic beginning to Chuck and my retired farm living. Today at 4:30 pm our little brown calf was delivered to the farm. We have purchased black Angus pregnant cows in the past. They are pretty expensive. I enjoy seeing the births but it takes a wile to turn a profit. We are going to put raising bottle fed calves into the mix

Here is our first bottle fed calf. We have lovingly named him Ribeye. I used to get calves from the sale barn. It was hit-or-miss if the lived through the shock of going to a new home. I purchased this one from an individual. Her mother owns a dairy. I may be working with her more often.

It is very fun to bottle feed a calf. It reminds me of days when my children were young and we bought bottle calves. There was so much excitement when the kids would give them a bottle. It is also a great feeling as a mother and grandmother to nurture something. It helps fill an emptiness that grown children leave us with.

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