Black Bean and Smoked Chicken Soup

Today I opened my cookbook , “In the Kitchen with Rosie – Oprah’s Favorite Recipes” , written by Rosie Daley. I decided to prepare Black Bean and Smoked Chicken Soup.

I took Chuck to the store to buy ingredients that I did not have. I had some ingredients but had to purchase quite a bit. The recipe calls for skinless, boneless chicken breasts. I had some left over rotisserie chicken in my freezer and used it.

After making my purchases I came home and started cooking my soup. I should have planned better. Beans taste better when they are soaked overnight. I used a quick soak method and it made the bean texture too firm.

quick soak method

I also used too much BBQ sauce on my chicken. It made the soup have a sweeter than normal flavor. The soup also has a pink tinge to it.

BBQ chicken
Peeled and chopped broccoli stems
Cubed carrots
chop the celery and onion
sweating 😓
added flavor
taste testing

Drinking a little wine while cooking tends to make my cooking go smoother. LOL

beans and bay 🍃
Spoon stops boil overs
looking good

I realized that I should not use too many broccoli florets. They should be small and not over cooked.

Thickener then evaporated milk
more flavor
Dinner is ready

When I asked the family’s opinion on the dish, they all pretty much had the same opinion. They did not know if they liked it or not. It seemed to be missing something. It was not bad but it was not our taste in food.

Left overs for another day
Dated and labeled for the freezer

We are taking this food journey to introduce new flavors to our pallets. Let’s see what we cook up next. Come along for the ride.

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