Surviving Death

Pink carnations

One of my favorite things is to watch shows and movies on my iPad before I go to sleep. Last night I started a series on Netflix called “Surviving Death”.

The first show in the series was about near death experiences. It was very interesting. It had a few interviews with people who had near death experiences.Many were scientists who had no religious beliefs previous to their experiences.

I am a Child of God. I was brought up in the Christian faith. Heaven and Hell are very real to me.

I have been with several people when they died. I find it fascinating. I have been with three older women during their last moments. One was my mother, the other were fellow church members. The one common thing I remember most was each of the three smelling what they described as the most beautiful flower gardens ever. My fellow church member spoke of opening a gate to a beautiful rose garden. My mother told me how lovely the pink carnations smelled and how vibrant the color was. This conversation was very comforting to me.

I look forward to watching more of this series and possibly commenting more about my views on the subjects covered in the program.

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