Update on the Calf

The calf has not been taking the noon feeding. I think it has been because it is too full. I have cut back to feeding a full bottle twice a day. I also bought some scours tablets from Tractor Supply and I am putting one in each bottle.

The calf is looking stronger and is walking around the pen more. Today during the feeding he mooed at me and he came to me to eat. He is still sluggish on feeding. I opened the nipple more and feedings are better.

I have new neighbors moving in soon.today they were at the house so aim invited them over to see the calf. They are from the city and are looking forward to moving to the country. They homeschool their children. I look forward to a new friendship with them.

The calf is doing better. I am eager for him to be healthy so he can move out to the field with the rest of the herd. Then I will get a new baby and start the process all over again.

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