Best Brownies Ever

6 for 8.99

I must say I do believe I have found the best brownie mix ever. When I was a kid I was amazed that brownie mix could be made in bulk. I found a recipe and forever had a jar at my house growing up that contained the necessities for making the food of the gods. This mix runs circles around the crap I used to make.

I found this gem at a liquidation store that we have in our small town. I bought two big boxes for a little under $20. I was thrilled. Triple chocolate at a bargain is utter food orgasm. That is twelve batches of brownies.

I am having kids and grand babies over tomorrow for a late Christmas gathering. The other Grandmother got COVID so these guys were quarantined at Christmas. I like to put out sweets so they think I am a pretty good Dinky (official grandma name). We will also have fried chicken from Chicken E.

I apologize that these were baked in my Aunt Caroline’s blueberry cobbler pan. Our family loves blackberries. Another day, another story. Yes, certain pans are used for certain foods in my kitchen. I tell everyone here don’t ask that is just how it is. Also that is another story to tell. Back at it. The brownies are for my visitors. Someone had to taste test. Heavenly is what they are when they are warm. Yum.

Chuck likes no edges and I like the corner pieces. I caught Chuck sneaking too many pieces. He is diabetic. It was an insulin kind of night. That’s why I don’t make many desserts anymore.

Brownies in the blackberry cobbler pan
Corner piece
Outer edges

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