The Coffee is Brewing

Chuck and I have nine children collectively. We are the extreme blended family. Our family consist of Caucasian, native Americans , Asian Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, and Hispanic Americans. We have diversified levels of learning as well. We have a few living on the spectrum, some with learning disabilities, some with physical disabilities and various others.

Today we will be having a belated Christmas with two of our daughters. They are from Chuck’s first marriage to his high school sweetheart. Chuck’s son, from another relationship, lives here at the farm with his girlfriend. (Chuck’s relationship story is a blog all in itself.) These two groups do not always see eye to eye. There may be some good stories coming out of today.

Chuck was admitted to the hospital Christmas Day for a small stroke. He stayed a few days and they released him. He was admitted again on December 30th. We thought he was having a major stroke. They got the clot buster to him and he has no sign of brain damage. He does have seizures that are stabilized with medicine. This situation has changed the dynamics of our household. Before this happened Chuck ordered many Christmas presents on QVC. Everyone will be opening them today. I will be paying off thousands of dollars over the next few months. The smiles will make it worth it. As Chuck says, “It’s just money, we will make more tomorrow.”

Merry Christmas everyone.

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