Broccoli Soup

Broccoli in my Garden

Early in the fall I put out broccoli and cabbage plants in my flower garden. I looked at it the other day and broccoli is actually growing. Needless to say, I have been inspired by it’s beauty.


I opened up my “In the kitchen with Rosie – Oprah’s Favorite Recipes” cookbook written by Rosie Daley. The last recipe I cooked from this book made way too much for me and Chuck. Today I halved the recipe and changed out a few ingredients. I did not have leeks so I used yellow onion. I also did not have fresh basil so I used dry.

Dissolve chicken bullion
Cook broccoli in chicken

I cooked the florets in the chicken water until it was tender and bright green. Cooking the broccoli in the bullion water infuses the depth of flavor.

Chopped onions
Nice green color
Bubbles on edge

I warmed the milk while I cut the onions. Do not boil the milk. Stop heating when small bubbles appear on the edge of the pan.

Heat pan 1minute

Spray a pre-heated pan with cooking spray and cook the onions until limp. Add flour and coat the onions.

Add flour
One minute
Add milk

Combine the onions and milk. Cook to thicken the milk.


Add the nutmeg, garlic, and broccoli along with the liquid to the milk onion mixture.


Add basil and black pepper.


The soup was beautiful.


Chuck it tasted good and he ate all of his. It tasted very rich and was extremely filling. I will cook it again when my broccoli matures.

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