The other day I was chatting it up with my father God. I asked him what was his next project for me. I have learned that if you are not prepared for following through with what task God has planned for you do not offer your services. The task he has for me is one of the most painful I have ever been assigned.

Now if you are not a person that communicates with God then this will sound like I hear voices. Let me explain how this works for me. I do not hear a voice from God. When I speak with him and am given instructions it is just a definite knowing of what he wants from me. If I am in doubt then I will ask for a confirmation from him and he folllows up with signs for clarification. If you are one of Gods children then you get this whole concept. If you are not one of his children I will not spend time in confrontational conversation with you. I will just agree to disagree. Having communication with God does not make me pious or eccentric it just makes me Gods child. Onward to the heart of my story.

I have been instructed a total of three time from God on what my task was. All times it has been to care for a person. First was my mother, second was my stepfather and now God has instructed me to take care of my husband. It sucks for my husband because I am not the nurse type. I am now taking blood sugars, giving insulin shots, preparing meals, helping with hygiene, keeping track of bodily functions and making sure medication is given properly. I am tired and have not had a hair cut in over two months. I am up at 4 in the morning trying to get myself ready for tomorrow. My husband is depressed and it takes much encouragement on my part to get him out of bed every day. I am not complaining. I am thrilled to have Chuck alive and physically mobile.

I know that God blesses me daily and he has control over my life. I am protected from all evil by his army of angels. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Oh my, he has the heater on 90 degrees.

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