Pseudo Dementia

Aging sucks. Chuck has been diagnosed with pseudo dementia. Here is the story.

It was Christmas evening 2020. Chuck and one of our sons had been arguing over some issues and the discussion had gotten pretty heated. Chuck had not been his normal self for a few days. Really he had not been his normal self for a few years. More on that story at a later day. I noticed Chuck’s speech had recently started getting garbbled throughout the day. He would not let me take him to the hospital during the day because he did not want to spoil Christmas.

When we got to the hospital Chuck’s blood pressure was elevated. They kept us for a few days. Chuck’s speech was crazy. He was making up words and not realizing what day it was. They sent us home with instructions to see a neurologist.

On New Year’s Eve Chuck went numb on his right side. His son helped him get dressed, I fed him an aspirin and we got him in the car and rushed him to the hospital. All ICU rooms were full due to COVID. We were put in a bed in the CATH lab. Before that we were in the Er . We had arrived at the hospital within the time frame to give Chuck the amazing clot buster medication. Many prayers were said that night in that ER room. The nurse was a believer and we asked the Holy Ghost into the room. He showed up and healed my husband.

We stayed in the hospital for a few days and then were released to go home. Chuck has to take seizure medication. The neurologist said that there is no brain damage. He said there could have possibly been a small stroke but he feels it is more of a situation caused by stress. PTSD has caused this to happen to Chuck.

Now Chuck and I spend much of the day discussing if he still goes to work. We also spend much of the day trying to find his passwords on the computer.The rest of the day it’s spent reassuring him that he is loved by me and I will do everything in my power to continue to care for him in our home here at the farm. Life is changing rapidly and I am holding on for the ride. No physical impairment have shown up thank Goodness.

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