Retirement Blues

I have always been a list making goal setting diva of a worker bee person. I have taken an early retirement to help my husband with his medical condition. I am thrilled to be home with him. My accountant told me that with our retirement we should not work anymore or we will be heavily taxed. I have never been told something like this. It is not that we make an abundance of money. We live from paycheck to paycheck like many other people.

So the first month I was making to do list out the wazoo. I even took a forty minute time frame to make the hundred list. I am coming up blank. I do not have any items I am interested in purchasing. I do not want to do long projects such as quilts. I have found satisfaction in crocheting potholders this week.

I am not sure what to do with myself. Chuck has been laying up in the bed and he enjoys my company while watching tv. I have entertained myself with Dragon Merge. I have spent many hours merging stars and plants and mushrooms. I also have a sweet little town in the Klondike. I stay up till all hours of the night writing my blog and sleep in till I am cooking breakfast for dinner.

I am making a resolution. Beginning tomorrow I will get back to my old goal driven self. I will update my 100 list and I will do some form of exercise an hour a day. This will be good for me and Chuck both. I will have more to blog about.

Oh wait, tomorrow is Sunday— a day of rest. I will start Monday for sure.

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