Walked The Place

Pink lady

Today a young couple came over and I walked the farm with them. It was so exciting to hear their young minds full of passion about what could be done here. We talked about cattle. We talked about crops. We talked about stocking the pond with fish. We talked about hunting deer. I told them to have at it. My mind would love to do these things but my body is just not up to it.

So today I hopped fences. I carried around a big stick to ward Off snakes and over eager heifers. I dreamed of adventures and projects. My adhd was on mind overload. The sunshine brightened my face. I had a renewed sense of drive.

Chuck and I normally host exchange students. I would like this farm to be a gift to them in the form of an unforgettable school year. The more projects and adventures the more memories they will go home with.

We ended the day sitting on an exquisite tree with their four year old daughter. Under this tree I have started a fairy garden. The little girl and I discussed the nooks and crannies of the tree and the possibilities of where the fairies could live. I will have to add to that project. I cannot wait for the dancing ladies to bloom there.

All in all, it was a great day. I gained new insight of what the purpose of this farm is. This young couple did a great deed and touched my heart today. Thank you God for sending them my way.

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