Here is a picture I took today at the farm.Chuck and I have agreed to spend at least an hour a day outside in the sunshine. This is a big ordeal. The stroke / dementia has put Chuck in a depression. He is most comfortable relaxing in bed watching TV or checking his Facebook. Some days he has trouble remembering many things.

So today was the first hour of our agreed upon outing. We took the trash down to the dumpster. We got the mail. We looked in the shop for treasures. Then we visited with the dogs and looked at the pretty flowers. I would love to have an iris farm here. I have so many ideas and so little time and energy.

The daffodils and hyacinth are the first flowers to bloom in the spring. I love to plant hyacinth in the front flower beds so I can catch a wiff of the scent every time I go through the front door. Spring is here.

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