The Fine Line

My mother was a brilliant woman. She was taught and shared with her children the importance of being educated. Her sisters went to Las Cruces New Mexico during WWII to go find brilliant husbands to marry. She was an award winning published poet and was also very good at business.

She was also very troubled mentally. One of my earliest memories was of me sitting in my childhood rocking chair holding my mother’s head while she shed tears over her failing marriage.i was around three. She stayed in that marriage for the next 20 some odd years.

She always told me that I was an unplanned mistake and she never wanted me. I got over that statement a long time ago. It is easy to forgive mentally ill people. She also told me that most brilliant people walk a fine line between brilliance and insanity. She told me the trick to it all was to never let Anyone know that you are mentally ill. OK…

I grew up thinking her behavior was the norm. When I was a teenager I spent lots of time at my friends house. Her mother was a housewife. She would cook and clean and kept a beautiful home. She also read books constantly. How could she be so smart but be so normal? This was such a new concept.

Mother has since passed away. I talk much comfort in knowing that when we go to heaven God makes us perfect and complete. I am eager to met this mother.

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