The Gas Tank and Zelle

Fill Her Up

Zelle is a good thing. Today our son was on the way to an OBGYN appointment with his girlfriend. He realized that he had no gas in his tank. He gave his dad a call and asked if he could Zelle him $40 to put gas in his truck. He said he will pay us back on payday. He does pay back these amounts.

This reminds me of a day that my mother ran out of gas. She had just purchased her first car on her own. It was a gigantic very old style car. The fuel tank gage did not work. Even if it did, she probably would not have enough money to fill it up. She had three young children in the car. The car sputtered and stopped.

We were getting ready to start walking to a gas station. It was dusk. We started the walk. Along came a man in a shinny new pickup. Oh it was pretty. The man was a handsome cowboy with a sparkling smile. This was the first time ever I saw momma flirt. She told him that he must be her night in shinning armor. We sat in the bench seat of that fine pickup, three little girls, my momma and that fine cowboy. It was a tight squeeze.

My daddy was not a cowboy. He had problems financially. Mother was driving a crappy old car with hardly any money to keep gas in it. It is strange the things that get put in front of us.

The cowboy filled a gas can and drove us back to our car. He put the gas in the tank and made sure the car started. He wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and told momma to call him if she ever needed her tank filled again.

That night late when my dad came home mom put cold dinner out on the table for him. Daddy asked her how her day went. She told him the car ran out of gas and a nice “old” man and helped us out. Oh my..

Chuck always tells me to keep my car full of gas because it is better on the engine. He is always eager to put gas in my tank. This is a good lesson for our son to learn?

Cowboy at dusk

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