Road Trip

Tomorrow Chuck and I are going on a road trip. He is not allowed to drive right now because he is on seizure medication. He really does not like to travel far distances. He was in many car accidents when he was a teen and should have lost his life in a few of them. He also has a sibling that was in a fatal car crash. He has panic attacks when he rides in the car with me. Going on trips in the dark is even more disturbing to him,

We are driving an hour and a half away to go get him a COVID shot. He is in a tissue going so far away and told me to get him one closer. He does not understand how lucky he is to get an appointment at all. He has already told me he has a stomach ache. Sometimes these occur when he does not want to go on an outing. Come hell or high water I am getting his ass in the car to go get that shot. He will be so mad at me.

Well, at 6:35 am this morning the alarm went off. He said he was not going. I rolled over and went back to sleep. There will be another time.

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