OK I Am About to Lose My Shit

Wax warmer

A young lady came to me at the grocery store my husband managed a little over a year ago. She had heard that we take in young people to our home. My husband and I host exchange students every year. She spoke to my husband and I about her troubles and asked for a home. We already had two girls coming to our house for the school year, what would it hurt to have a third? This young lady has just turned 18 and was in her senior year of high school.

I told her that the main rule of the house was to tell us if she would not be in by 10 because that is when the door is locked. She asked if that was it. I told her she was legally an adult and was accountable to herself for any wrong decisions she would make. Turns out she got pregnant. Imagine that. It’s hard to put reins on a wild horse.

She told me and Chuck that she wanted an abortion. I told her that I believe every one has freedom of choice. She has the freedom to choose but I had the freedom not to allow her to live in our home. We agreed that she wanted us to raise the baby. As soon has she had that baby nature took over and she has been a great little mother. Her baby is her world.

My son moved into the house. He is 29. As soon as I saw the two of them together I knew another baby would be coming. She is due in May. She told me she got pregnant on purpose. Why oh why do young ladies play such games?

So now we have two adults, a baby and three dogs living in the downstairs room. When you pass the room it reeks of dirty dog. My washer has sand and dog hair in it on the rare occasions she washes. The lint trap on the dryer is full of dog hair, food is left on the stove nightly, the best steak goes missing, trash is never taken out, the fridge is overtaken with their items and all the forks are missing.

Oh, and did I say, they pay no rent and he is still on our cell phone plan. Soooo. Chuck spoke with said son. Words were exchanged. People were disowned. Blood pressures were raised. We were told we would have to legally evict them. Chuck stroked out. I made the son dress his daddy and put him in the car to rush to the ER.

They told me they would move out in March. The girl gets WIC, SNAP, and is working in getting roughly $1000 a month from the government. She does not want an apartment because they would have to pay extra for the dogs. She had her income,tax direct deposited to her bank account but her bank account was closed for being overdrawn. She had made no attempts to get any of her stimulus checks. She is sitting on roughly $10,000 that she is just now making an effort to collect.

So I got our electric bill. We live in Texas. We had the cold snap that defunded our electrical grid. Our bill was around $300 more than normal. I mentioned this to the little princess. She offered no help.

So I went to turn on the TV tonight. It would not turn on. I just paid a large payment to AT&T so I know it not that. It was the cord in the living room where princess had been watching princess cartoons earlier in the day. I knocked on their door to make sure the TV in their room was working. There she sat in the rocking chair in that smelly room with my favorite wax burner going. I lost my shit.

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