Treasure On The Back Porch

My mother was a great collector of much of nothing. Today our grandson is with us and we found a box of my mother’s old broken jewelry. You would think he hit the jackpot. He has found great pleasure in carrying around the beaded Indian necklace.

Broken Jewelry

I find that funny. It was like my mother giving him a hug. She has passed away. She told me that if she was able to communicate with me from Heaven she would. I catch emotional glimpses of her from time to time. This particular necklace was one of her favorites.

My mother was a published poet. She had it in mind that she had Native American Heritage. Her family denies this fact. I am not sure if they thought it to be a disgrace. My mother would go to open mike at the book store downtown. She wold dress in an old burlap costume and put a feather in her hair. She thought this was totally appropriate. Looking back I would have to say it was not. She would also wear this necklace. Him picking it touched my heart.

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