Where Oh Where Has The Dish Box Gone?

Soooo… The other day my grandson went up to the spare room to play with his toys and watch cartoons. He told me that he could not turn on the TV. I had a house full of family so I did not go check out the problem. I told him to go play outside.

Soooo…….this past week I babysat my grandson. Again he told me he could not get the TV to work. This time I went upstairs to check out the problem. The dish TV box was missing. What the hell? Who would take the box? I thought the grandson might have played Mr. Fix it and taken the thing apart. I searched through his toys. I could not find it anywhere.

Sooo… I told this story to Chuck thinking he might have done something with it. Sometimes he goes on some OCD spurts since he had that stroke. He did not do anything with the box. Oh my, where was that box?

Soo………. I asked the young lady that has been impregnated by our privileged millennial son if she knew where it was. She told me, “Yeah, we lost our remote so we took it so we could watch sports.”

This was after I paid $550 on aTexas snow storm electric bill, $450 on a family bundle cell phone bill, and $250 on Dish network. That Dish bill was the last installment of the sports package. No help in paying these bills has been offered.

Sooooooo………I lost my shit. I told the young lady she had three days to find that box. I ordered a new remote that should arrive by next week. I told her not to take anymore of my shit without asking. I don’t know to order a remote if I do not know one is missing. I have insurance and it is free to replace. Communication is key.

Soooooo……then I went out to my flowerbed and accidentally chopped the Dish Network wire to the satellite with a pick ax while digging a potatoe bed. Everything is better now.

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