Whip Cream

Whip Cream

My husband Chuck and I are extreme foodies. He spent his career in the grocery business and I have a certificate in Food Science from the American Institute of Baking. We love good food. He loves ice cream more than anything. It reals havoc on his arthritis and diabetes . I found whip cream satisfies his craving.

For Christmas he ordered me a CO2:cartridge whip cream dispenser. It is so easy to use. I store it in the fridge. I put about a cup of heavy cream, a teaspoon of Mexican Vanilla and package of Splenda into the canister. I put the contraption together, put in the cartridge and shake a little bit. I have instant whipped cream. The flavor is heavenly and it makes him feel so very spoiled.

There is cobbler hiding under all that whip cream. Decadent is what it is.

Comfort food

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