The Secretary Desk

the desk

My grandmother treasured certain items in her home. She was very fond of depression glass and certain pieces of furniture. She had an old oak secretary desk in her living room. I always liked that piece.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a neighborhood group that had items for sale. A friend of mine was selling a desk somewhat like my grandmother’s. She told me she could deliver it.

Her and her husband came over. The desk is beautiful. I told her I was so very excited about it. It will require some wood putty and a few screw but for the most part it is in great shape.I am good at updating and crafty like that.For now I put some lemon oil on it.

I have a different desk that I used to have at my other house. I kept it in a corner and used it for bible study work. I plan on turning this desk into my new Jesus desk. Maybe God is telling me to get back to studying. I am eager to organize this foyer with the desk being a focal point.

I also learned I have much in common with the lady I purchased this desk from. She and her husband often visited the store that my husband Chuck managed. It was good to see them again.

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