My grandmother was a very interesting lady. She did not have very many vices that I recall. We seldom found snacks at her house. One day my cousin Paul showed me where Grandmother’s soft peppermint sticks were in her cabinet. He told me if I snuck one to only get one so she would not know they were missing. She loved peppermint sticks.

So up to speed. My husband Chuck bought big tubs of peppermint candies for all the men in the family at Christmas. He enjoys peppermints too. We had three tubs extra.

I keep one rub on the kitchen table. I like to put one or two in my mocha coffee in the mornings. When I was not in the kitchen our son told his girlfriend to swipe the tub and put it in their room for them to eat. She told him no because I use them for my coffee. (She is scared of me.)

We have another tub in our snack stash in our bedroom. Having a secret stash of snacks is imperative when you live in a house that does not respect snack foods ethics. Chuck battles with high blood sugar. Today he found the peppermint stash in the bedroom. When he completed it he found the stash in the kitchen. The girlfriend tattled on him. By this time he was a#sugar high looney bird. I took his blood sugar and it was extremely high. I show him up with insulin. I confiscated the remainder of the peppermints and hid them in my cupboard.

I now understand my grandmother’s secret stash.

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