The Dollar Store

I love going to the dollar stores. It does not matter which dollar store I go to—they are all my favorites. I am a cheap scape and shopping in them quenches my thirst for compulsive shopping,

When my children were young I would make shopping at the dollar store a precious treat. My first husband traveled and spent much time away from us so I found cheap entertainment for the kids. I would give each child a$5 dollar bill. They could pick out whatever they wanted. I would also give a special prize for the most resourceful purchase. I think they had fun because years later one of my daughters took our foreign exchange students on such an outing with me.

I also went through a stage of coupon clipping and the dollar stores are a great source for free items. (I no longer clip coupons. I am too compulsive to enjoy this task.) I would get many small bottles of cleaners for pennies. I also got a few containers of soy milk for free. Too bad nobody I know drinks soy milk.

The other day my son’s girlfriend asked for a ride to the local dollar store. I have spent much time at the house caring for Chuck. She does not have a car and spends lots of time at the house as well. We needed time out.

We were like two kids at a candy store. We went down every aisle. There were so many treasures. Shopping was a true pleasure. We must have been in that store for over an hour.

I came home with gifts and treasures. For under $30 I got a Happy Spring Coffee mug for my daughter. I filled it with a bunny and various candies.I stuck a bow on it. She was delighted that I thought of her. I got sugar free cookies for Chuck. I think they are already gone. I got a new fairy for my fairy garden. (Some day I will write about that.) My grand babies live my fairy garden. I also got a color book and crayons for my grandson. Then I got myself aDr. Pepper, some Funions and a bee journal for my writing

I love going to the dollar store. It completes me.

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