Today I tried a project. I had to put a air valve stem on my mower tire. The tires had also been flat for a while. My son in law told me it was an easy fix. I was gone on the day he would be able to help me. Here is the process I used to get the tires fixed.

I got a stem at Tsc. I had a horrible time trying to seat the tubeless tire. I you tubed and learned that you should use soap to make the process easier. Then I wrapped the rope around the tire and put a knot to tie it with. I used the screwdriver to twist the knot and then I aired up the tire. My pregnant daughter in lawned the screw driver. She had to put down her other baby in the stroller. I told her when you marry a man that does not know how to fix things you have to learn yourself.

The mower is fixed and we feel like three very empowered women: me, the daughter in law and the grand daughter.

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