Garden Fresh Lunch

This morning I stepped on the front porch and looked at my flowerbed. I have some cabbage plant from last fall that are,starting to go to seed. I trimmed off some of the bottom leaves. I had the intention on making some buttered cabbage. I picked some green onions too.

I came inside and cut the cabbage into small squares. I put it and the onion into a frying pan with a couple of tablespoons of butter. it looked like it needed something else. I keep frozen left over bacon in my freezer. Everything is better with bacon.

When I was in the freezer I saw some tots. I immediately thought about the onion and potatoes omelets the exchange students taught me to make. I added a few tots to my mixture.

Then I remembered the cheese curds in my fridge. They are a good snack. I put a few of those in my mixture. Now everything was looking and smelling really good.

All of the items needed to bind together. I put a few eggs in my blender and poured them in the mixture. I had already broken up the tots. The eggs were whipped and foamy. This made the mixture kinda of fluffy. I flipped it in the pan . it was browned on both sides. I topped it off wth salt and pepper.

Excellent lunch.

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