Adulting is hard. One of my daughters tells me this often. I am in a pickle. My accountant told me last year not to go back to work. Chuck draws early retirement. I get a small pension. Now with Chuck being ill he cannot be left alone. I can pay my bills but any extra expenses put things out of wack.

One of our nine children and his girlfriend live with us. They pay nothing. I am so over this situation. I will have to evict them to get them out and I don’t know if evictions are happening right now.

I have three dogs. One is my mother’s, one got dropped of here, and one decided to live here. These dogs like to wander off our property. The neighbors have complained. I spent over $300 on collars and a electronic barrier for them. One dog lost his collar and went to visit the neighbor. Our son went over to try to retrieve him.

The girlfriend told me this in our morning conversation. She also told me of plans for going to a ballgame and also of making some other purchases. Her tone was one of chastising me for not getting a collar for the dog. That was all I could take. I told her if I wasn’t paying for her mans cell phone bill I might be able to purchase a collar for the dog.

Of course she tattled told my son that I hurt her feelings and I got a curt phone text. I don’t have time for their stuff. The girl is 8 months pregnant and I don’t have the heart to kick them out yet. I hate being such a softy.

Well, I gotta go. Another son just called asking for money to replace a rim in his tire. will it ever end? Gotta get up early. A daughter is bringing over my grandson for me to watch.

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