The Jerry Springer Dinner

I want to give a shout out of thanks to my husband’s high school girlfriend. We remember her. She is the one that he worked with at the grocery store in high school. He hired her a few years back to work for him at the grocery here in our home town. She was so grateful she made her coworkers some banana bread. She even made Chuck his favorite chocolate cream pie. She put his name on the box. She is so very sweet. Our pregnant adopted daughter/ son’s girlfriend’s best friend went to this woman’s daycare and counts her as her grandmother. The best friend’s twin brother went there too I think. You know him, he is the one that got arrested for stealing the four wheeler from the Boy Scout camp. Anyhow, thanks to Chuck’s exgirlfriend for the gift card that you gave him this past Christmas to the steakhouse.

We met up at the steakhouse that was located over there where I used to work when I was married to my first ex husband. Our son also lived over at that budget stay hotel when we were having Chuck’s house in town repaired after the fire. That was the fire that the neighbor girl texted me on Facebook about while Chuck and I were sitting down to eat a Whataburger meal after he just got out of the hospital from having his drain switched out from his pancreas tumor removal. That neighbor girl was the sister to the one that was my other son’s first roommate. She had to leave because she would knock on all the boys doors in the middle of the night naked drunk asking for sex.

The drive over took a while. Chuck was stressed because he was meeting his grand daughter for the first time. When Chuck was in the hospital having his first stroke we got a text from a young woman claiming to be the mother of our son’s daughter. She wanted to know if we wanted to meet her. I had put the conversation off because I wanted Chuck to get healthier. So know we were headed through much highway construction to go meet with her. It was about a 45 minute drive and Chuck does not do well in the car. He has a fear of my driving and comments on my skills which makes me a nervous wreck. We made it to the restaurant with only our egos bruised.

We were also meeting our son’s mother and her new husband at the steakhouse. Chuck had our son as a love child with this woman. He also worked for her daddy for many years. Her daddy ran a tire shop over on the Northside. It possibly had some mob ties. She brought her new husband to dinner. He is the widow of her ex husband’s sister. Her ex husband is getting old and has some health problems. He also worked at the tire shop with Chuck. He liked to play scratch offs and was in a country band. They say he sounded just like Merle.

So we all met up at the steak house. The girl was nice enough and the baby was sweet. Chuck got to hold her. We sat down for dinner. The baby was tired. We passed the baby around the table with everyone trying to calm her. This made it worse. The girl got her salad to go. We were left after driving an hour to meet this girl having dinner with Chuck’s ex and her man. The food was good except the shrimp tasted a little off.

When we came home and went to bed Chuck spilled his drink all over the floor. I cleaned it up cussing a little. I gave him my sugar free ocean water. When we got settled back down he asked if I knew what was wrong with his ex. She seemed to him a little upset. I did not know or did I really care. Chuck fell asleep and I went to the bathroom and threw up the bad shrimp. Good night. I tap out.

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