Needlepoint Canvases listed on EBay

I currently have seven needlepoint canvases up for auction on EBay. I hand painted them and have had lots of fun.

Fruit basket

I used leftover paint that was on my pallet from another painting. I used some zen tangle style for the basket. I am not really fond of the bananas and oranges. I must say I am extremely proud of the mangos and the apple. I thought they turned out well.


This was another clearing my pallet artwork. When I saw the colors it made me think of a campfire. The work represents bricks, logs, hot dogs, marshmallows and fire. I am proudest of the marshmallows. I like mine burnt.

Turkey 1
Turkey 2

I am not really liking these. I sketched them years ago.


I like the colors.

Bohemian pallet cleanse

I just cleaned the pallet on this one.

Sun face

My favorite Mexican restaurant inspired me on this one.

If you would like to purchase any of these they are on auction on EBay. If you have any questions, comments or critic please feel free to post here. Thanks for your support.

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