My friend is amazing. She is very beautiful and very bold. She is also very well endowed. The other day she told me that she has decided to start trading her body through the use of corsets. She explained to me that it would benefit her back from the extreme weight she carried on her chest. I always thought she wash heavy set. Today she came over for a visit. She had on a beautiful dress and had a corset on underneath.

The new look was extreme. Her body was beautiful. She pulled the look off like a rock star. I cannot explain the confidence her figure represented. I cannot describe her without sounding like I have an attraction for females. Her hour class figure was commanding.

She told me the other day that a co-worker made a derogatory comment about her new look. I told her to file a complaint with HR. My friend is a supervisor and told me she is not speaking with HR because there is no need. The woman was just insecure about her own body.

My friend is the best example of femininity that I have ever met. I am proud to know her.

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