Ice Cream

Who does not love ice cream? I adore it.

As a child some of my fondest memories were about ice cream. My father would often take us to the Dairy Queen for a dipped cone. I remember one night after watching the Miss America pageant we went for ice cream. I could not have been more than 6 or 7. I remember thinking that Miss America must get to eat all the ice cream she wanted.

Ice cream has always played a major role in my life. When I was a young woman I was an accountant for a large dairy manufacturer. We made milkshake mixes for some of the major fast food chains. I also worked as a quality manager. One of my tasks was to mix up the soft serve daily and test it for flavor. Oh what a great job.

After my children started school I went back to work. I got a job that was temporary. It was at an ice cream manufacturer. My job was to pull a gallon off the line every hour and test the weight of the candy chunks. Fun times.

The day my last child was born I was craving a chocolate shake. I went to Braun’s and got the biggest one they had. After I ate that thing it set me into early labor and I had one of the biggest pre-term babies in the NICU. He is now a happy 22 year old man.

I am now lactose intolerant and arthritic. Ice cream does not do well for me. My husband has diabetes but his weakness is ice cream. Last night he had snuck into the freezer and ate four ice cream sandwiches and a large bowl of no sugar added Bluebell. He also added a large helping of caramel syrup to the mix.

He lay in bed complaining that he was not feeling well. I checked his sugar. It was off the charts. I gave emergency insulin and that was that. He swore off of ice cream and made promises that he will never keep. I told him I am not responsible for his love affair with ice cream.

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.

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