Lost Little Girl

My husband and I love children. We are too old to have anymore. We have a total combined if 10. One passed at birth. Like I say, we love children.

We host foreign exchange students. We have hosted a total of 13. We have two more coming in the fall. It is a wonderful opportunity to study different cultures and to make new friends.

My husband used to manage a grocery. One day a young teenager asked him for a job and also a home. She stated that her home life was intolerable and oppressive and she had been kicked out. She was over 18 but looked every bit of 12. She was still in school. We agreed to take her in.

She asked what the rules were. We told her the doors lock at 10. If she planned on staying out later let us know. If she stayed gone too many days without letting us know we would put her out. Also, no drugs or men in the house. Other than that she was an adult and life would hold her accountable. She was like a tiger out of the bag. Needless to say she got pregnant. She came to us with this information. she had plans for an abortion. I told her she had freedom of choice but I also have freedom of choice. She cold not stay if she were to abort.

She brought a beautiful child into our home and is a precious little momma. My son moved into the house. I told him to stay away from this young woman. You guessed it. We now have another beautiful child in our home. The house is full. We encouraged the kids to move into their own place. We have had heated conversations.

This morning this sweet young woman was very organized and pleasant. They are moving tomorrow. She greeted me in the kitchen with a smile. She told me of her progress in setting up her water,electricity and cable. I told her she should be proud of herself. She is doing good.

I will miss this young family being in my home but it is time for them to grow and mature. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. We have an empty room with a crib.

Many plants grow on my farm. I love to watch them bloom.

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