Fly Little Sparrows

I hear the young adults stirring in the other room. I hear the sound of their babies crying. I hear furniture being moved. These are heartbreaking noises. These noises are like the sound a mother bird hears as her young flaps it’s wings on the edge of the nest. Oh little birds please do not break a wing.

The girl has told me that Wednesday will be moving day. She let me know that the real grandmother will be watching the babies while she and my son make the big move. Small digs to let me know she has already replaced me. I am not offended at the thought of some one watching the babies but more so the intent of the comment.

We have discussed what items are to go and what is to stay. She has confiscated some of my favorite throws. I am a recovering blanket baby. I do not want them returned. They are in a room with three dogs that share their bed. I have seen and smelt my dryer when she washes her linens.

My demented husband and I are hulled up in our room for this great fiasco. I do not want to find any reason to be angry or petty over personal belongings. I know that if I go out into the general population I will find something to say wrong. I want this to be a day of celebration and independence for them as well as for myself and my husband.

My heart breaks at not getting my morning hugs and kisses from our sweet granddaughters. If I had my way all the grandchildren would live here. LOL. I cannot be selfish and hinder my sons growth out of my own concerns.

They are scared. They have been making a budget all week. They are pretty fragile but my prayers go with them. I just go back to my favorite song line. His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

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