TGIF . . . NOT

So I am on the second Friday of my post retirement job. I went ahead and took a contract position because I am not structured at this point in life to make the corporate ladder climb. Any hoooos, I went to work on Friday.

When I arrived my co worker and trainer, who is a very personable and likable ex gang member, wishes me a happy day with a pleasant greeting, I replied stating that I was going to apply a positive outlook to the day to make it go by quicker. I then proceeded to opening my Coke and it spurted all over my desk, paperwork, etc, Cleanup on isle 88.

One of the ladies that works with us came by and said good morning, We asked if she had big weekend plans. She stated she was going after work to get her step son out of CPS. She told us her and her husband had been through multiple testings including hair follicle drug testing, They were remaining clean and were getting their children back. I told her I wished the best for her family.

My trainer and I worked diligently and steadily making the day go by. We took our lunch break in our cars listening to our radios and making needed personal calls. The Texas heat is rough and it takes a long time for our cars to cool down.

We continued the work day. My co worker leaves at 2:45. He came back into the building and told us to call 911. The recovering addict was passed out in her car. I went out to her car to see if I could help. A woman told me the girl had no pulse. I checked and felt none. her skin had already started changing colors. I started CPR. The ambulance arrived. They took over and told me she had already passed away. The police came and marked off the area as a crime scene. They took a statement. It is considered a homicide until proven otherwise.

I wrote out a statement for work. I talked to a few people about the incident. I asked permission to go home. I drove away from the parking lot. Her lifeless body was lying on a backboard covered by a sheet on that hot Texas concrete.

Today sucked.

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