Growing Old is not Easy

It has been an awful few weeks. My best friend, Lover, and Husband of the past 11 years has suffered from epilepsy. We did not have a clue he had it. We thought he had a stroke in December of last year but now it is more involved. I have spent the last two weeks at the hospital with him. I am not sure what comes next.

I am lucky that I still have a job. I recently got a contract position with an aircraft part supplier. They are so kind that they told me my position is still there for me. I am not making any money with them at the present but I will manage. I do have some retirement funds coming in.

I am using this time to set up an Etsy shop. I go to the hospital in the morning and stay until the afternoon. I then go home and instead of sitting in my room and crying, I am making myself useful and productive. It will be an adventure in media marketing for me.

I will not go into great detail about my husband’s illness. I am able to share many things in my life that are very personal but at the current time this illness is just too painful for me. I adore my husband and over the past week I have been deeply saddened by his condition. My heart is breaking into millions of pieces. Later I will be able to share more on this subject but it is just too real right now.

Soooo, I am having to learn to survive both mentally and financially. This can be done. I will share my journey with you guys if you are interested. If you have any questions or comments feel free to share.

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