Momma’s Pizza

Momma’s Pizza is a wonderful little pizzeria in FortWorth, Texas. They serve an amazing mug of cold beer. I do not really like beer. There are only two places that I will order beer and this is one of them. The mug is so cold that the foam on the beer freezes. It is amazing and goes great with their made to order pizza.

My favorite pizza is pepperoni and fresh mushroom. The crust is thin but not crispy. It is there to basically hold all the ingredients in one place. The ingredients are fresh and there are plenty of them. Today I noticed a sprinkling of pepper. It was really good.

The edge of the pizza is the best part. It is thick ad breads and golden brown. They dredge it in garlic butter. It is intense. I am not really fond of eating alone but I made an exception today. It was well worth it.

Momma’s Pizza is more than good food. It was good times. The high school band would meet there after the game and we would eat pizza for hours before going out to Tee Pee the drum major’s house. I also remember meeting my college sailing class there after we had to take our finals in the rain. I got an Avon that final because I demonstrated properly how to flip about back over using the centerboard. It was also where Chuck and I went on one of our first dates. He kept trying to impress me with the symphony and high dollar steak houses and I asked one day if we could go bowling, eat pizza, have a cold beer,and grab some cookies at Central Market. Good times for sure.

Momma’s pizza also represents my comfort food. My step-father Harry, whomI adored, would take me out for pizza and beer if I made it home from dates before curfew. I would tell my dates I had to hurry home for my next date.They would laugh when they heard it was with my father. The day we buried Harry I stopped of at Momma’s Pizza for pizza and a draft in a mug.

Today I was on my way home from being with Chuck at the hospital. His mental state is not very good. I spent the afternoon shaving him. It was a very intimate experience. It calmed him. On my way home I stopped in for pizza and a draft. I felt instant gratification. That is what makes me a foodie. just thought I would share.

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